This is going to be the week where I set a really bad example and only eat one meal a day.

It was a big meal though.

This morning I was all sorts of crazed as the refrigerator delivery men came to drop off my new fridge!  I was all sorts of embarrassed at how dirty it was beneath my refrigerator.  Note to self, move fridge, swiffer.  I was so harried to remove all my condiments, of which I’m still a bit weary to eat, that I never actually ate breakfast.  Once I was all plugged in and ready for refrigeration, I had to dash to lunch with a friend.  We were celebrating my new job and her new raise, then of course we talked about all our friends (in the positive, not in a catty gossipy way) and relationships, and everything in between.  We were actually supposed to talk shop a bit, as the two of us are venturing into business together, she’s the mastermind, I’m the behind the scenes gal.  So, three hours into lunch and a pitcher of sangria we finally decided to postpone our business meeting portion of the festivities till Monday, when we ‘re both planning on being sober.

I had class at 6:30 in the same area, so I decided to do what one does when one needs entertainment and there’s no comfy couch available…I shopped.  I’ve decided with my new jobby-job, that I’m going to reinvent myself.  I’m going to be put-together-Kim.  When I was shooting The Daily Special, every morning I had to get dressed, do my hair and make-up and look passably attractive.  Let’s just say that’s out of character for me.  I’m not exactly the kind of girl that puts a lot of effort into my appearance on a regular basis.  When other girls take hours to get ready, I’m usually good in 10-minutes.  I’ve never exactly left a date waiting as I freshened up my make-up.  In an effort to put my best foot forward, and make a good impression, and reinvent my work self, I’m going to dress pretty and wear make-up, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll brush my hair.

I bought a lot of pencil skirts, and some adorable blouses, and a cute lil grey dress that is reminiscent of the red head from Mad Men. Oh, and NineWest is having a sale, so I bought three new pairs of heels, same pair, three different colors: black, red, and green.  In a word, I’m going to be adorable!  It’s like going to a new school, you can be anyone you want.

Bags in hand I went to class.  I’m learning Hebrew.  All I can say is Peel, which means elephant.  Unless you are in Israel and about to be stepped on by an elephant, I’m sorry but I am of very little use to you.

Here’s my meal for the day:





Sangria (Made with champagne!  You know, because we were celebrating.)


Fish and stuff.  The stuff is some corn/cheese thing (which I didn’t eat because corn is not something I eat), beans and some sauce that was good.  Like I said: stuff.

I’m afraid that’s it, not exactly responsible eating.  Tomorrow I’m aiming for multiple meals!  Normal sized ones at that.