I like to think that sometimes, just sometimes, things happen for a reason.  A couple of weeks ago I went on an interview at an organization that I really liked.  I walked in and immediately felt like I was home.  One writing sample and an agonizing week-and-a-half later, and they called me to offer me the job.  The benefits of this job offer quite a bit of time off, and at least one half day of work a week.  A perk I think fits in nicely with my other personal goals.  When you’re juggling more than one career at a time you take all the half-days you can get.

In the past few months I’ve been on a lot of job interviews, interviews for quite a few positions that were beneath my skill set.  This one is actually a step up in title and in responsibility.  I feel pretty lucky considering the job market.  I also feel pretty lucky that I can now quit the last freelance position that came my way, which I felt was all sorts of wrong for me.  I will still keep a couple of the freelance jobs I’m doing, it’ll just mean managing my time differently.  Now, though, I can be picky about which projects take up my free time.
Now that I am on the verge of wearing business attire and elbowing my way through the train again, I plan to take the next couple of weeks and really appreciate the rest of my time off.  I’ve decided to become a tourist in the city of New York.  I’ve never been to the statue of Liberty, and, well that’s just a shame considering I’m a born and bred New Yorker, nor have I ever been to Ellis Island.  While I could probably give tours around the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I’ve never been to the Cloisters.  There’s so much to see, I bet get to it.  It’s so much easier to appreciate time, when you know it’s running out.
Here’s the food:



Whole wheat English muffin with cherry preserves


Coffee w/soy milk and Stevia



Roasted vegetable enchiladas from Trader Joe’s
Tomato from my garden!



Whole wheat angel hair pasta with shrimp, zucchini, onion, garlic, tomato and pasta sauce

Exercise: 60 min. spin class