I tend to think that I’m pretty well in-tune with nutritional information, and with how that info relates to my body, but you learn something new everyday.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of bloat and being a bit “backed-up” (sorry, I’m trying to make this as non-gross as possible) for a while. By awhile, I mean an on-again-off-again battle for years.  Last week I decided to play around with my dairy intake.  You may have noticed I swapped out my regular 1% milk with soy, and although I did include some cheese, I tried to cut back. 

I felt awesome.  A lot of my bloat disappeared, as did things start “moving” again.  I dropped about four pounds last week.  Which, I assure was more water-and-other weight than it was fat reserves.  Then, over the weekend, I switched back to dairy, had some milk, had some ice cream, and immidiately my stomach started reacting like that creature from Alien was about to spring forth to destroy the world.  When I woke up, I felt a bit bloated and decided to measure my waist, and as I suspected, my measurements were up.

Could dairy be bloating me on a regular basis?

I love cheese.  I love ice cream.  The discovery, albeit a bit late in life, that it may not love me as much as I it, is truly saddening.  I’m going to keep playing around with my dairy intake over the next few weeks to see how much I can take before my body gets angry again. 

While I’m a bit saddened by this discovery, I’m also kind of excited.  I’m a firm believer that we all have a sort of formula that makes our bodies happy, it’s just figuring out what yours is that’s the hard part.  That is one of the reason I read diet books like they’re fiction.  I find them entertaining (I’m a health geek, what can I say?), but take the info in them with a grain of salt.  While the diet described in a book may have worked for one person, a person with an entirely different physiology might have a completely different reaction to that diet. 

I’m a big fan of trial and error.  Eating, then taking note of how your body feels afterward.  I just wish my body felt like it was BFFs with dairy and wanted to take it home to meet the folks.  I guess you can’t have everything in life.