Do you ever have one of those days when you’re so exhausted that you either have to sleep or workout?  Trust me, I tried to sleep, but my brain was spinning in circles of responsibility.  This has been happening a lot lately. So, I figured, I had to hit the gym if I were going to get through the rest day.

With zero regard to my August resolution to shake up my workouts, I hit up a spin class.  I knew there wasn’t enough energy or motivation left in these weary bones to propel my own workout, I needed a class, and it did the trick.  I left feeling like a functional human being.  An even slightly happier one, but that may have something to do with the soundtrack for the evening that included 50-cent, The Spice Girls and Susan Boyle, how could you not leave laughing?

That got me thinking about my own musical soundtrack.  My exercise playlist is pretty stale, I should probably invest in some new tunes, but well, I’ve never really been “in the know” when it comes to music.  Let’s just say if you see me running, there’s probably some mishmash of Rihanna, Jay-Z, Pink, Britney Spears and Timbaland drumming steadily in my eardrums.  I’m going to raise this question to you: what’s on your exercise playlist?  Please enlighten me to the magical world of cardio friendly tunage!

In the meantime, here’s the food:



Whole wheat English muffin with organic peanut butter
Coffee with Stevia & soy milk



Cashew Cookie Larabar



2 Veggie dogs in whole wheat hot dog buns with mustard and sauerkraut



Salad with arugala, onion, cucumber, tomato, kalamata olives, feta cheese
Olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice


Whole grain bread with hummus