Ahh, the last few days have been a whirlwind.  While I’m always excited for every opportunity to work, it does take a bit of a learning curve in getting used to added responsibility.

Thursday was a lovely day.  Near perfect really.  In the morning I had an interview for a job that I really wanted before I went, then I went for the interview and I want even more now.  Everyone there was so nice and warm and seemingly happy!  Oh, and the half-day Fridays.  The interview went without a hitch and they called me today and asked me to work on a writing sample this week for them.  That’s a good sign.  So, yeah, my day started out great.

Off to home I was, where I was met by a friend, who told me all about her amazing week.  She’s had some super great life changes lately, and I insisted on running out to by a bottle of champagne immediately.  So we did!

It’s amazing how refreshing champagne is on a hot summer night.

After gushing about life, we were off to watch To Catch a Theif on the Brooklyn waterfront, right under the Brooklyn bridge.  It was such a perfect night.  And a perfect picnic, I think I left out that my friend packed us a smashing dinner of super delicious salads.

Breakfast Thursday 7.30.09


Homemade whole wheat mixed berry muffin
Coffee w/soy milk

Lunch Thursday July 7.30.09


Veggie burger w/Swiss cheese and tomato
Whole wheat wrap
Steamed zucchini (from my garden!)

Celebration 7.30.09


My friend came over with some fabulous news, which seemed like a great idea for breaking in my new champagne flutes!

Dinner Thursday 7.30.09


I didn’t eat the Brooklyn Bridge, but I did marvel at it.


I <3 my city

and I <3 my amazing friend who packed a lovely picnic…


It’s always good to have foodie friends, my friend Sarah made three salads that I will probably do no justice to in describing:
A potato, caper salad
Arugula, chickpea, and lemon vinaigrette salad
Tomato and Asiago Salad


Then we drank rose out of thermos!  So classy.



Today on the other hand, not quite as awesome.  A friend of mine told me about a freelance job about a month ago.  I wasn’t really interested and was just going to blow it off, but she harassed me everyday, not only that, but she contacted the employer to check whether or not I applied yet.  Eventually I just applied to get her off my back.  Of course I got the job, because why wouldn’t I get a job I don’t want and know I’d be miserable at?

Well, I felt like I had to say yes in the interm, or it would reflect poorly on her.  While I may not have been interested in this type of work, my friends heart was in the right place.   I did tell my friend if I were offered another position somewhere else I would take it, which she seemed fine with.  Anyhoo, today was my first day of “work” for this new job, as I suspected, it’s not my bag.  So, I’m feeling a bit stuck.  To make matters worse I’m going to have to work all weekend so that I can get ahead on all my other freelance projects because this new position is super time consuming.

Oy,  how do I get myself into these things?

Breakfast Friday 7.31.09


Kashi Go Lean Crunch w/soy milk

Snack Friday 7.31.09



Lunch Friday 7.31.09


That stir fry I made earlier in the week is the meal that keeps on giving.
Stir fry w/seitan over brown rice

Dinner Friday 7.31.09


Whole wheat spaghetti topped with onion, garlic, tomato, baby bella mushrooms, arugula, parsley, spinach and shrimp

Tomorrow morning I’m getting up super-duper early to go to a bootcamp class on the Brooklyn Bridge.  If you don’t hear from my by Monday night, call for help.