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I started August off with knocking something off my life list.  I’ve always wanted to run the Brooklyn Bridge, but well, I’m a scaredy cat.  It’s not that it’s long, it’s only 1.13 miles each way (1825 meters for all of you metric-y folk), it’s that I don’t bode well with running outside, and well the Brooklyn Bridge is very, very public, so if I fail miserably, well there will be lots of people there to notice my spazitude.

Well this morning, spazy or not, my fear needed to be confronted, as I was scheduled to review the Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp. Personal fears aside, duty calls, and when you write about fitness for a living (no matter how meager that living is) “I’m scared of running outside” doesn’t really bode well as an excuse.  The class was intense, especially for 7:45am, and consisted of running the course of the bridge twice, sprinting up stairs, more push-ups than the US military has done in it’s entire existence, oodles of lunges, squats.  There were also resistance bands.  I happen to hate resistance bands, but for a really petty reason, I think they feel gross.  Work great, weird texture.  It’s sort of like my bizarro dislike of corn.  It just sort of makes people look at me funny.

I digress.   Honestly, I felt like a rockstar after the class.  Trust me, I did not look like a rockstar, I looked pretty pathetic actually, but conquering my fear of running in the great outdoors left me feeling pretty darn proud of myself.  After class, I took one more trek over the bridge toward Brooklyn and walked the four miles back to my apartment.   Not a bad calorie burn all before 10am on a Saturday.

Ahh, but this post is about my August resolutions.  I’m dedicating August to expanding my horizons and pushing outside of my comfort zone.

  1. Get more experimental in my cooking.  Sometimes I even bore myself with my food choices.  I get in food ruts and/or sometimes, since I cook for one, I end up with left overs, or excess ingredients,  that I need to eat every day for a certain period of time or they’ll go bad.  This month I’m going to test my culinary skills to see if I can shake up my eating habits and still be healthy and satisfied.
  2. Face my finances head on.  I had always been super-duper responsible with money.  Since the day I got my first credit card I paid it off in full every month.  I’ve always been the kind of person who balances their check book manually instead of trusting those crazy computers at the bank to do it.  That is, until my lifestyle changed.  All of a sudden I’m one of those people that ignores her credit card statement until the last possible moment, and I’m still not sure where all my money is tied up, in regard to retirement plans and stocks.  This month, I plan on sitting down with all of my accounts, calling a few investment firms and really figuring out a budget for this new life of mine.
  3. Stop spinning.  Okay, I’m not going to stop spinning, spinning is my most happiest activity, but I can use it as a crutch.  Spinning happens to be super easy for me (perhaps because I’ve done it for so long), and I need to seriously shake up my workout routine.  It shouldn’t be hard, considering I review classes and DVDs all the time, but somehow I even find a way to adjust those to my comfort zone.  It’s time to see how strong I really am…literally!
  4. Oh, and this one’s just for fun.  I want to wear aprons.  I have a few really adorable aprons, and I never wear them.  I think now that I’m going to be testing my culinary skills, I should at least do it in style.  August is the month of the apron.

August is the month of accessorizing in the kitchen and getting past all of the limitations I set for myself.

Now that I’ve shown you mine, show me yours: what are your goals for the end of Summer?