Do you know what the hardest part of job interviews are?

When they ask you what your job goals are.  I could say: “Oh, you know, to write a couple of books, star in a Broadway show, have a month off to travel every year.”  That doesn’t exactly fly well though.  Usually, I say something that sounds sort of like “I want to be doing this job, only slightly more advanced and in a way that will in no way threaten your own personal job security.”

Today though, I had an interview for a short-term freelance position, and when the question popped up, I couldn’t lie.  It’s a short term position, why do they care what my goals are? So I said, “I want to do exactly what I’m doing now.  Working in all capacities in my skill set and being my own boss and the freedom to pursue my goals.”  I hated myself as soon as I said it, but then I realized it was true, that is what I want, and strangely enough I don’t know that it hurt my chances for the position all that much.

It’s funny how life has a way of revealing what’s important.  Yesterday, I had a meeting with a career counselor, provided by the nice bureaucrats of the state of New York.  His job is to help me find a more feasible career path, but after I showed him clips of The Daily Special and my blogs he said something I didn’t expect, especially after months of him trying to convince me to be a kindergarten teacher, he said he didn’t think I’d be happy doing anything other than what I do, and I should just keep plugging away and eventually I’d figure it all out.

Maybe that meeting was the reason I couldn’t lie today.  I already know who I am, perhaps it’s about time I need to stop trying to force my round self into all these square holes.




Whole wheat English muffin with strawberry preserves
Coffee with stevia and 1% milk



Whole wheat wrap with hummus, spinach, tomato and cucumber
Steamed zuccini



Whole wheat mixed berry muffin



Baked falafel topped with tahini and hot sauce
Israeli couscous with roasted vegetables