Pilates for Beginers

Have you met Pilates Barbie?  Her name is Kristin McGee and she has an exercise video called Pilates for Beginners.  Actually, I’m pretty sure every Pilates video ever made is called Pilates for Beginners.  But this one is a special snowflake.

McGee is a really good instructor, for one she’s sweet and encouraging at all the right times, but she’s not all perky and annoying.  She’s also just happens to be physically perfect.  I wanted to resent her, but I liked her, I really, really liked her.  I hate when that happens.

Besides being instructed by god’s gift to the universe, this is by far one of the best beginner workouts I’ve ever done.   For starters, it doesn’t make the mistake of confusing beginner with easy.  This isn’t an easy workout, it’s an intro to Pilates.  No gimmicks, no trends, this is the kind of Pilates you would do in a mat class, only without having to look around with questioning eyes for the instructor to show you how to get from point A to point B without falling over.

McGee breaks each position down into steps, until miraculously you’ve found yourself perfectly in each into each teaser, contraction and extension.  You my friend are a Pilates rocks star!

The DVD is set up into four sections that you can pick and choice at will to design your own magical Pilates masterpiece, all in all the DVD is 60-minutes, but if you’re stretched for time you can play mix and match, from the following choices:

  • Core Warm-Up: 10-mins
  • Core Connection: 10-mins
  • Foundation Work: 20 mins
  • Strong Backside: 20 mins

I’ve taken probably hundreds of Pilates classes, but I wasn’t bored by this workout, in fact it was a pretty good refresher.  If you’ve never taken a class but want to get all lean, mean, ballerina-ish machine this is a good place to start.  The only shortcoming I found in this was McGee’s cuing in regard to breath.  Breath is key to Pilates, but there’s really only one section where she actively cues breathing.

Another Pilates for Beginners still hold the number one spot in my book, but this is still a worthy investment if you don’t know your saw from your mermaid.