Drum roll please…, The winner of Acacia’s Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body Burn is Sagan.  Sagan, expect an email from me.

There will be plenty more DVD giveaways to come, so keep checking back.  I’m a firm believer that sharing is caring, and nothing says “Thanks for reading!” quite like lunges.

I’m reading The China Study right now, have any of you read it?  I’m not sure how I feel about. There’s a lot about it that reads irresponsible reporting to me.

The basic gist of the book is a comparative study of the dietary habits of 6,500 Chinese adults and their corresponding lack of “affluent diseases” like obesity, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. The author, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, makes the lynch pin in the astounding lack of these diseases is in China out to be based around animal protein, and the significantly lower levels the Chinese eat in comparison to the traditional western diet.  All of this seems above board.  It’s the jump Dr. Campbell makes that every disease we face would be eliminated if everyone just ate a vegan diet, that strikes me as a bit off.

Personally, I’m all for a vegetarian diet, and I think vegans are deserving of the utmost respect.  What seems irresponsible in this study is the obvious fact that the majority of the Chinese population is not vegan, they just happen to eat a primarily vegetable based diet (at least according to this study).

I’m a firm believer in the power of nutrition, I do however believe in responsible reporting, and I think that there are many factors that need to be considered more carefully before encouraging the population en mass to undertake a vegan diet, things like environment, air quality, water quality, pollution, fitness levels and genetics.

I had to get that off my chest, I like what the book has to say, there’s just something about one-sided opinions that irk me.

In the meantime, I decided to take some of what the book had to say to heart and give seitan a shot.  I’ve never been able to cook tofu right.  I think it stems from my refusal to fry it, and I mean really seriously fry it.  I’d heard from friends that seitan is sturdier and holds up better in cooking, so tonight, in my stir fry, I gave it a shot.  I liked it, definitely not bad.  I may keep experimenting with this wheat protieny substance.



Breakfast wrap (whole wheat) with three egg whites, Swiss cheese and tomato



Coffee w/1% milk
Whole wheat mixed berry muffin (I baked this weekend)



(Actually I did more than bake this weekend, I made food to bring to a friend, and ended up with left overs for myself.)
Baked falafel w/tahini and hot sauce
Israeli couscous with roasted vegetables, lime and cilantro



Cheesy goodness (I never said I was going Vegan 😉 )



Stir fry with pepper, mushrooms, onion, zucchini and guest star: seitan

As for exercise, I spent an hour on the elliptical.  For some reason I can think better on the elliptical.  Elliptical makes me think, spin makes me happy and running makes me want to die, in a good way that is.