Okay, so I only stayed for half of my 2-hour Friday night Spin/Strength/Abs class, but I have good reason.  Usually I’m sore for a couple of days afterward, and well, I’m shooting tomorrow (a film that is), and I think it would be inconvenient if I were unable to lift my arms on set.

Once upon a time, when I lived in Los Angeles, I decided to go to Manhattan Beach and got serious burnage. Such serious burnage that I was a very pretty shade of maroon, and I needed to go to the hospital. Of course that would be the night that I got a call to do a spot on Judging Amy, and it just happened to be a Fall episode, so I got my maroon-ass (and every other part of me) to the set the next day.  It was the kind of burn that requires about a week of naked time and lots of aloe.  Instead I was wearing a wool sweater in 80 degree weather.  I didn’t look maroon on camera, but I vowed never again to put myself  in a situation where I would be so physically uncomfortable when I was going to have to act not physically uncomfortable in front of a camera.  Thusly, I skipped the strength portion.  I’ll make up for it tomorrow post shooting.

Reminder: The drawing for the DVD Giveaway happens Monday.  So, if you want a Lower Body Burn, well get your comment in for the drawing!



Smoothie w/ 1% milk, banana and black raspberries



Udon Noodle Soup w/bok choy, straw mushrooms and shrimp



Lite Babybel Cheese



Stuffed zuccini (stuffed with sauteed onion, baby bella mushrooms, spinach), topped with swiss cheese
Brown rice with peas


Wine.  Can’t let the bottle go to waste, can I?