Today I did something I have never done before.  Bear in mind that today is exactly five months till I turn 27.  I bought a bottle of wine for me, because all I really wanted at the end of a long day was a glass of wine.  I have never before bought a bottle of wine outside the jurisdiction of hostess gift, dinner party, book club, event of some sort. The idea of drinking alone, never really crosses my mind.  Seriously, I’m behind the alcohol appreciation curve.  I have to say my dinner tonight wasn’t exactly the epitome of nutritionally sound, but it was deliciously self indulgent.  But, I’ll get to that later.

I’m finally back in the city and itching for a produce run in the morning.  Hell, I’m itching for a run in the morning.  Actually that’s a lie, my exercise schedule for tomorrow includes a two-hour spin/strength training combo class.  Sometimes a few days away from the real world, can help refocus and re-invigorate me.  I must say, I’m psyched to get back to my life and see what sort of mischief I can manage.

Here’s the round-up for the last two days:

Breakfast Wednesday 7.22.09


Smoothie w/plain soy milk, banana, strawberry, blackberry

Lunch Wednesday 7.22.09


Turkey Chili over brown rice

Dinner Wednesday 7.22.09



Over the last few days my friends and I have undergone a Harry Potter-thon, re-watching all the Harry Potter movies, last night two of my friends made dinner before we hit the movie theatre to see the new one.  This was my very first sloppy Joe.

Homemade Mac & Cheese
Sloppy Joe

Breakfast Thursday 7.23.09




Omelet w/ 2 egg whites and one whole egg, cheese and peppers
Side of tomato

Lunch Thursday 7.23.09


Chicken Quesadilla a la my mom

Dinner Thursday 7.23.09


I had a meeting for the board of a young professionals group I belong to, apparently I am both young and professional and more than a little bored, err, board.  Anyhoo, the meeting meant a late homecoming, and while I noshed on string beans and carrots, I was sent home with a block of Gouda.  I was way too tired to consider cooking, so my legs, and my craving for a glass of wine brought me to a liquor store and that was my dinner.

Gouda and Pinot Noir