“I can’t wait to see what your blog says today.  Tomorrow, I’ll make you something healthy like lentils.”

Kim’s Mom 7.20.2009

I’m visiting my parents for the week.  My parents love me very much, and when I come to visit, they get very excited and want to treat me to all sorts of comfort food.  Today was very comforting.  I’m looking forward to a salad tomorrow.



Strawberries and peach
I brought fruit with me from home, since I figured it would go bad while I was visiting the folks this week.



Bagel with Brummel & Brown Yogurt “Butter” Spread

Pre-Dinner Dessert


My dad announced that he was taking us out for dessert before dinner! This is the stuff 8-year-olds dreams are made of!
Reeces Peanut Butter Cup Friend-Z (at least the ice cream was low fat)



BBQ Ribs

Honestly, the food was great, and sweet, and I love my folks, but I feel totally gluttonous and more than a bit gross right now.  I’m looking forward to going for a run in the morning and taking over kitchen duty and giving my mom some time off.

On an up note, I went for a walk yesterday with some friends and took some pictures around Long Island.  Growing up I couldn’t wait to move away from Long Island.  It seemed like pretty much my entire life centered around graduating and moving to the city.  Now that I’ve lived in New York City for some time, and quite a few other places, I can really see what’s so charming about this place.  It really is beautiful, and there’s something to be said for never being more than 10-minutes from a beach.




When I was in high school and my friends and I wanted to do something besides go to a diner we would drive to “the docks” and just watch the water.  There’s something so relaxing to me about being around water, it still brings back that feeling of being home.