It seems to me that whenever the New York Times wants to piss people off they run an article on Fat Acceptance.  Somehow Fat is a red flag when it comes to acceptance.  Sure we can’t openly discriminate against races, religion, or socio-economic backgrounds, but by golly if you don’t  happily reside in single digit pant sizes, well then there is no acceptance for you!

Nossiree, get to that Weight Watchers meeting pronto, and when people make comments about your weight you shall sit there and take it, because after all you deserve it!

Whenever one of their Fat Acceptance is the new Atkins type articles comes out, there is immediately a backlash in the news and websites and talking heads everywhere, to tell everyone not to trust this liberal paper’s hogwash, accepting yourself is not okay!

Ugh, it all just pisses me off, that and the fact that I just saw an ad for the show More to Love, because what good are average sized women, if not for exploiting for ratings.  This just in, fat people date!  They probably even have sex.  I bet they even like it, for shame!  And possibly, quite possibly, their partners find them attractive just the way they are.  As soon as the commercial was over my roommate said ” I wonder if he’ll pick the thinnest of the girls.”  I wanted to have some snarky response, but honestly, now that she mentioned it, I kind of wonder it too!

Yesterday, there was a comment on another site I write for (not in regard to one of my posts), about a drug currently being tested on mice that curbs appetite and metabolizes fat.  This drug is obviously being tested to combat obesity in humans.

Hive inducing comment:

Ugh. People. Just stop eating so effing much and go DO something. NOT HARD!

Oh, I so wanted to comment back, but seeing as how I am actually paid to write there and not a spectator, I felt like tearing readers new assholes might in fact be counterproductive to job security.  But this is my blog and I can say whatever I want here.

To Stupid Commenter:

Yes.  It. Is. Hard.  It is really fucking hard.  If you have never been fat, then you have no fucking clue how hard it can be.  The food made available to people, all people, en mass is not exactly health-tastic.  We cannot give up eating and when the world at large is made to indulge your senses, it can take almost superhuman internal strength to resist.  Some people are not genetically predisposed to waifiness.  In fact, most are not, our bodies evolved to store fat, and many of us are highly evolved in that sense.  Fuck you stupid reader, you have no idea how hard many people work their entire lives to lose weight, some successfully, some not. When we don’t succeed the feeling of failure  can be all encompassing.  So fuck you.  Oh, and I bet I can run longer, faster, and lift more than you-so fuck off there too!

I feel better, how ’bout you?

To the spazolla’s over at the New York Times, who I am convinced do this just to sell ad space:

There is nothing new about self acceptance, it’s something we have as a culture strived for since the beginning of humanity.  What has been ostracized or adored has changed through the ages, as have those that have felt the need to amend themselves to fit some pre-supposed standard of perfection.  People should be accepted period.  Fat. Skinny.  In Between. Blond. Brunette. Black. White. Asian. Latino. Athiest. Christian. Muslim. Hindu. Jewish. Buddhist. Shinto. Old. Young. People.  People deserve respect and appreciation for who they are, for what they add to the world and the lives of those around them.  Who cares what the package looks like when the present is inside.