Flow Yoga For Beginners

Dear Shiva Rea:

I have recently tried your Flow Yoga for Beginners. I have heard lots of good things about you in the past, in fact, when I tell people that I’m totally obsessed with exercise DVDs, you’re usually recommended very highly.

I can see where these recommendations come from. Boy are you pretty, and bendy! Wow, you must stretch a lot! You seem to know a super-duper lot about yoga, I can tell by the way you intermittently switched back and forth between Sanskirt and English, which was confusing because you specifically label this workout as Beginner. I was thinking perhaps that there might be something wrong with my vocabulary so I looked up the definition of beginner and guess what it is: a person who is inexperienced; novice.

Okay, Shiva, I respect your not dumbing down of the yoga practice you are so passionate about, but when I take home a beginner level DVD of any sort, I’m expecting a little dumbness. I’m not talking drooling all over itself dumb, but maybe a little on the short bus side. I have taken a few yoga classes in my day, but had I not known my downward dogs from half-bow pose, going into this workout, well then I would have been shit out of luck. I see what you were doing though, Flow Yoga being all flowy and such, you want to give as little instruction as possible so as to move happily between poses. Cool beans, just know that your DVD is more intermediate and up level yoga.

Oh, and wow, Shiva, was this a long DVD. Seventy minutes, yeah, but you were thorough. Things started all pretty like in front of a waterfall with 14 minutes of Foundation Flow, then off we were to some garden for 20-minutes of Backbend Flow and 10-minutes of Relaxing Flexibility flow, but then things got all the more relaxing when we ended up on the beach at sunset for 25 minutes of a Standing Pose Flow (which actually wasn’t relaxing at all, but kind of hard work) and then a final sivasana (I liked that part, the part were we pretend we’re dead). , Yeah, that was really pretty, but could be a bit intimidating for a beginner.

I think that this was a really solid, if not slightly intimidating yoga workout, so if I were an avid yogi I would totally rock this video all the time. Hopefully with enough flowing I can one day too be as awesomely stretchy as you.

Best wishes,

PS. When you show people adjustments, you might want to show those of us who don’t want the adjustment how to transition out. While I enjoy taking the easy way out sometimes, I’d like the option to flow like a pro.

PPS. Did you know your DVD is only $9.99 on Amazon? That’s awesome!