It looks like I owe the folks some good ole fashioned family time.  Last night I asked my dear old dad to drive me into Brooklyn from Long Island so I could go grocery shopping without spending a months rent.  Sometimes when my food stores are seriously low it makes sense to do a little begging and pleading with the folks.  Our conversation went a little like this:

Kim: Daddy (you can see where the conversation is going when I pull the ole “Daddy” out of my hat), I have a proposition for you.
Papa Miller: (Eyebrow cocked) And that would be? (He’s been here before, folks.)
Kim: Maybe, you could drive me home tomorrow so I can go grocery shopping here?
Papa Miller: Why would I do that?
Kim: Because you love me?
Papa Miller: Love you, I don’t even know you…

My father has finally learned the art of the guilt trip.  Thirty-three years with my mom (who usually doesn’t even realize she’s doing it) and it was bound to happen.  The truth is, I’ve been neglecting my daughter-like duties, and my father has been hinting that he needs some attention for a while now.  I had to promise that I’d go out and spend some signficant bonding time there next week to fanagle my way into a stocked fridge but finally I did it.  I have so much food now!  Hooray for wholesale shopping clubs and cheap produce.  Oh the suburbs, how you taunt me with your reasonably priced nurishment. I guess spending a week in the summer time on Long Island isn’t the worst thing that could happen to me.  Having grown up no more than ten minutes from the beach my entire life can be somewhat spoiling, I must say.

But why was I on Long Island this weekend?  I was shopping!  Have ya’ll heard of Shecky’s?  It’s like a smorgesbord of shopping, the grand puma of haggling goodness, sale central!  Bonus, they have shopping events all over the country!  So, my girliest of girlfriends and I headed out to the Hamptons this weekend (I’m not one of those people, I think the Hamptons are genrally overrated, that just happens to be were the event was) to shop till we dropped.  Honestly, I wasn’t planning on shopping, as I’m trying to budget, but well, my self control has never been my strong suit.  The real reason I was there was the shwag bag.  For $20 you can register for Shecky’s famous shwag bag which has stuff, glorious, awesometastic stuff.  And some other stuff, too.  I went with the best of intentions, but left with goodie bags and a slightly lighter wallet.  I also experienced my very first beer pairing.  Who knew there was more to beer that gas and dehydration?

Here are some of the highlights:

Shecky's 4

Team Shecky’s (minus two)

Shecky's Beer Tasting

Beer Pairing.  Who knew they made raspberry pomagranite beer? Budweiser also makes a tomato flavored beer, that was just plain gross.  I love me some Bloody Mary’s, but this just tasted like salad soda.  Ick!

shecky's 5

Not even the slightest bit buzzed, but really happy to be sitting down after hours of shopping!

Oh, and here’s what I bought…

Shecky's 1

I’m really into tubetops for some reason.

shecky's 2

Crocheted gold earings.  Who knew you could crochet gold?

Shecky's 3

It’s an owl!

And here’s the goodie bag:

shecky's 6

Shecky's Goody Bag

I’m back in New York; fully stocked with food and shwag.  Now that I have food I fully intend to get my cooking and healthy eating back on.  Well those are my intentions at least.  Today was rough because I was out and about all day.  My aunt was having new furniture delivered, but had to go to work, so I was in charge of sofa delivery which meant a lunch of organic pop tart and turkey sandwich.  Probably not what I would have chosen under normal circumstances but I tried to keep it as healthy as I could.  Who knew that pizza places had turkey sandwiches?   Will wonders ever cease?



The day started out okay…
Whole grain toast with Swiss cheese and a poached egg



My aunt has been trying to get me to try these suckers for a while now.  Finally, I was hungry enough to give it a shot.  I probably haven’t had a Pop Tart since high school.  Honestly, it was nothing special, but at least it was organic.



I split a salad with my uncle.  Mmm, vegetables, how I’ve missed you and all of your fibery goodness!


Holy turkey sandwich Batman!  This sucker was big, and I took home half.  The guy behind the counter looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for it with mustard.  “No mayo? No Dressing?”



Later on I met my writing group for writing talk.  Because, when I’m not blogging here and professionally, I’m talking about writing, and writing a book.  Sometimes, there are no more words left by the end of the day.  I was still full from lunch, but felt like it would be impolite to not eat dinner with everyone else, so I grabbed a cup of chicken noodle soup, and a cup of coffee.

There was no exercise for me today, but I feel like navigating Manhattan in a pencil skirt and three-inch heels is a workout in itself.  Tomorrow I’m actually looking forward to cooking three meals and hitting the gym.  Weird.

Oh, and the highlight of my day was walking by a moving van that was moving a cow statue!  I had to snap a picture:


I love New York!