Happy Fourth of July!!!!

I hope you’re all doing fabulous things (at least those of you in America).  Those of you that aren’t American, well then, Happy Saturday, I also hope you’re doing fabulous things.

Yesterday was my BFFs birthday.  We started the evening out with a small BBQ at my place then headed out for a night of what we thought would be karaoke, but ended up being adventures in binge drinking.  Koreatown in NYC is known for it’s BYOB Karaoke joints, apparently that’s not a good thing, especially when it comes to the cops.  New York has apparently had a crackdown on unlicensed karaoke joints and the place we had reservations for was raided the night before, the owner arrested and the place shut down.  Twenty-five people just standing in front of a now defunct karaoke parlor wondering what to do with ourselves.  Blackberry’s and iPhone’s went into action calling every BYOB place we knew of, ALL OF THEM WERE CLOSED.  So sad.  There are other karaoke joints that sell alcohol, but they’re usually more expensive and everyone was standing there on the street bottles in hand, no place would let us in like that!

My friend went into quick recovery mode and hopped in to a local bar and told some story to the bartender about someone getting engaged (it helped that there was much bling on the fingers of many of the ladies at the party, engagement is like chicken pox, it totally catches in small groups of friends), so the bartender offered us all three hours of open bar for $25.  It wasn’t karaoke but it was still fun, and I drank way too much, but that’s sort of what happens with an open bar.

After the open bar ended a few of us, (5 out of 25) actually hit up a karaoke joint, so there was a wee bit of singing to be had.

Oh, as for exercise I ran 3 miles and did 15 minutes on the stairclimber.

Here’s the Friday food:



Whole wheat english muffin w/ organic peanut butter
Chocolate milk (1% milk w/organic choc. syrup)



Whole wheat pasta w/onions, tomato, shrimp and sundried tomato & basil pasta sauce



Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie low fat frozen yogurt




Cheeseburger, hot dog and salad


Half a black and white cookie for dessert

Oh, and then we played with dry ice!!!!


Have a great 4th of July everyone!  Next time I post I’ll be posting from Los Angeles.  I’m escaping rainy New York for a while to hit up sunny So Cal!