I don’t know that I’ve ever mentioned this on my blog, but when I was seven my house burned down.  In the fire, we lost everything, our pets, our belongings, all of our family pictures.  It’s because of this that nary a photo of me before the age of eight is seen.  One of the great perks about spending my Wednesdays helping my aunt move, clean and organize her apartment is that so much of her stuff was my grandmother’s stuff, and so much of my grandmother’s stuff documents my family. I get to rummage through pictures of my mom and aunt when they were children, today my aunt sent me home with my mother’s baby book (she’s a pretty adorable baby, I must  say), my grandfather’s high school yearbook from 1939, and my grandparents wedding album.  I even got to peak at some baby pictures of myself, although I wasn’t allowed to keep them, apparently she wants them.  No, worries, I’m pretty sure I’ll inherit them one day.  It’s always so fun for me to look through that stuff, because based the photographs and family mementos I had growing up life started in 1990.


It’s hard to photograph, but the gent in the middle right was my grandfather at 18!
While I was looking at pictures of him in his youth my aunt told me something I’d never known.  Apparently, because of my grandfather’s height (he was 6’2″) he was stationed as military police during the second world war and was one of President Eisenhower’s bodyguards at one point.  So cool!


That’s my grandmother on her wedding day!  I think she sort of looked like Ginnfer Goodwin, but no one else seems to agree with me.  Hmm, now I’m imagining my grandmother on the set of Big Love.


Proof that I was at one point younger than seven, and that I’ve always been cold.

As for food today, well, uhh, it’s been better.  It started off poorly because I didn’t have any food left in my fridge, except for my left over Chinese food from the night before.  I basically felt like I was channelling my college self when I stuck it in the microwave this morning.  My aunt made a low fat noodle kugel and salad for lunch, so at least that was healthy, but as soon as my uncle came home from work he dished out some ice cream (how could I say no!), luckily it was low fat ice cream.  For dinner we went to this seemingly charming restaurant but the food was sub par.  Tomorrow will be a better day.  I hate feeling full in such hot weather.



Chicken and broccoli over white rice.
You know you’ve been there before.



Low fat noodle kugel
Salad w/miscellaneous dressing



Low fat chocolate mocha ice cream






I just want to make the disclaimer that I did not eat all of this food.  Nor did we as a group realize the food would be slightly less than mediocre when we ordered this much.  We started with an appetizer of steamed muscles, which also came with bread.  Another starter was grilled cornbread.  For my entree I had a stuffed chicken bread, stuffed with spinach and artichoke.  Unfortunately they didn’t mention on the menu that it was topped with an orange marmalade like glaze.  It was just weird.  This is definitely not a new favorite.

After dinner we headed to a stage production of Coraline, which I thought was really cute.  It was a musical, and the music wasn’t great, but the ensemble was wonderful, and they told the story so well.  This was a truly age, race, gender blind production.  Men played women, the cast of seven was multi-ethnic, and the woman who played Coraline had to be in her 60s!  It was totally world rocking-I love that stuff.