The thing that’s good about summer is that it’s way easier to get up at the a-crack of dawn to exercise, because that crack is significantly hotter and sunnier than in the winter.

So, off I was to a 6am spin class.  I love working out in the morning because I spend the rest of the day feeling like I don’t have the pressure to work sitting on my shoulders.  I hate working out in the morning because I’M SO HUNGRY the rest of the day.  Doesn’t matter what the activity was, but I cannot stop eating for the rest of the day.  Perhaps it’s psycho symptomatic, or perhaps my metabolism is just revved up and ready for nourishment.  I tend to think it’s the former, but regardless of my acknowledging that it may all be in my head, that doesn’t much help when my tummy is grumbling.

I’m still working on finding my perfect exercise time.  Sometimes I split the day up and workout a bit in the morning and then some in the afternoon.  Monday night I went running at 9pm but was wired all night.  AM workouts make me ravenous, but midday workouts are hard to rally for when you’ve got work to get done.  I would say I could just give up all together but, methinks my butt would not like that.  When do you work out?

I did not workout this morning.  I slept, I slept all morning and all night, falling asleep somewhere around 9pm (hence my forgetting to blog).  Today will be a rest day of sorts, I’m spending the day with my aunt helping her clean and organize and then we’re going to go see Coraline the Musical!  I loved the movie, I hope I love the play.
All the theatre I’ve been seeing lately makes me really miss working on stage.  I’m shooting a film this summer, but there’s something magical about being on stage verses being on camera.  Sigh…

Oh, speaking on being on camera.  ‘Memba a few weeks ago when I ran away to shoot a short film in Boston.  The film I did was called Frank’s Stop and was a part of the 48-Film Festival, it even won an award.  I missed all the ceremonies, but at least I found it on YouTube so I could share it on my blog:

It’s silly.  Now for the food.

Breakfast 6.30.09


3-Egg Whites scrambled w/tomato, and peppers
Whole grain toast

Snack 6.30.09


Strawberry Buckwheat Muffin
Coffee w/Splenda and milk

Lunch 6.30.09


Brown rice w/Lentils
Spiced yogurt (very spiced, I put way too much ceyenne pepper in there!)

Happy Hour 6.30.09


I had a job interview in the financial district.  While I was there I ended up meeting up with an old coworker for drinking.
Bud Light.

Dinner 6.30.09


Wonton Soup.  It’s my kryptonite.


Chicken and Brocolli over white rice

Seriously, is Chinese takeout not the best thing ever invented?  I swear MSG is addictive.