Whoa.  It’s July!  Time flies, I can’t believe it’s 2009, not to mention July of 2009!

I was looking back at my June Resolutions.  Obviously, I was in a bit of a funk.  Not feeling so hot about life as a freelancer.  It’s true, freelancing is hard.  This month I figured out a lot about playing the game, so to speak.  Meaning, how to get paid!  Let’s just say I’m feeling a lot better about being a freelancer these days.

In regard to my other June Resolutions.  I tried Urban Rebounding.  I was bummed.  I’ve taken it before, but didn’t love this teacher.  Supposedly there will be another teacher soon (one I already know I like), so perhaps I’ll give it a shot again later on, but instead of trampoline dramatics, I’ve taken to Body Sculpting classes which I find awesomely ass-kick-o-rific.

I did resolve to suck in as much summer as humanly possible, which seemed like a good goal when I made it, unfortunately we’ve an an unprecedented 28 days of rain this June.  Basically, we all hid as much as possible.  Perhaps this month will be better.

So what’s in store for July:

  1. Slow eating challenge.  My main resolution this month, which I’ve worked on forever, is my rate of ingestion.  I must remember to remind myself that no one is trying to take away my veggie burger and I can slow down a bit and enjoy the experience.
  2. Yoga.  I know I’ve made this challenge to myself before, and I never really do it.  This time, I’m going to stay away from the heated room for a couple of months, till the temperature comes down in the real world at least.  Instead, I’ll hit up at least one yoga class a week at my gym. I’m so embarrassed by my utter lack of flexibility, it’s time I really do something about it.
  3. Cut back on TLC.  Seriously, I used to never watch TV, now I work from home and my day starts out with a heaping dose of “A Baby Story” and progresses till I’m all in a huff over “Jon & Kate” again.  I think I need to put a time limit on the amount of TLC that is allowed in my life.  It’s not you TLC, it’s me.
  4. Computer nap time.  I’m instituting a computer bed time.  A time when all of my work needs to be done so I can unwind and be a non technologically available person.  I think 9pm is a reasonable bedtime for the computer.
  5. Buy groceries weekly.  I thought of this this morning when I ate left over Chinese food for breakfast because the only other thing in my fridge was milk and a jar of mustard.  I was reading Lara’s Blog, Thinspired, recently, and in a post she wrote “To eat a healthy diet, one should visit the grocery store regularly.”  It’s so true, and it’s something I’m so bad at.  My mother used to make fun of me and said I lived every day like it was a Thanksgiving food drive, scrounging around for something, often times canned, to survive off of.  I’m a grown up, one that loves food, and even loves grocery shopping, so why do I only go once or twice a month!  I’m a spaz.  This month I resolve to shop weekly!

Yoga, eating, shopping, putting down my computer.  I feel like these are very doable and very much needed resolutions.  What are your resolutions for July?