Ever heard of a dessert crawl?  No.  Probably because I made it up, or at least I think I made it up.  Friday I was absentee as far as blogging, mainly because I was busy eating as much dessert as humanly possible.  A friend was in town from Chi-town this past weekend, so three of us decided to dedicate an afternoon to producing the most worthwhile sugar coma known to man.  We started the dessert crawl at The Doughnut Plant where we split a chocolate doughnut, then we headed to my favorite bakery in New York City, Sugar Sweet Sunshine , to have my most favorite thing in life: Banana Pudding.  Generally, I don’t love pudding, but this stuff will change your life.  In fact I sort of came up with a very-dirty nickname for it, that I will apparently never live down.  I’m not sharing it on the internet.  Afterward, we hit up the most amazing place on Earth, Economy Candy, which has every type of candy known to man, even types you though you’d never ever see again.  It’s a wonderland.

Here are some pictures:


Chocolate doughnut


Banana Pudding, Piggy Pudding & Chocolate Pudding Mixed together and a Pistachio Cupcake


We didn’t finish.  Dessert Crawl Fail.

So yeah, basically I need to double up at the gym to undo the damage that was Friday.  Here’s what happened in the world of food today:



Kashi Go Lean w/ 1% Milk



I met up with an ex-coworker today for lunch.  We hit up Chipotle
Chipotle Vegetarian Burrito Bowl w/ rice, beans, peppers, corn, guacamole and sour cream



Salad w/lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green & yellow peppers, tuna
Oil & Vinegar