Have you read the news?  Vinegar is like trim spa only more tasty on salads.  Some Japanese study has shown that the acetic acid in vinegar does some magical mojo with our DNA and activates genes that fight fat.  Who knew?

In other news, I may never be able to raise my arms again.  I’ve been experimenting in body sculpting classes as of late.  Mainly because I don’t trust myself in the weight room.  I mean, I know how to do stuff, I’ve worked with personal trainers before, and deep down inside I know what I should be doing-but I hate it.  I love cardio.  I  could run, jump, spin, elipt, climb stairs till the cows come home, but strength training just bores me.  I don’t trust myself to really do my body justice in the weight room so I’ve opted for sculpting based classes.  So far (and it’s only been a week), I dig it.  It’s hard and way more entertaining than trying to avoid eye contact with the big man in little shorts grunting in the corner.

Tonight, however, I probably went a bit too far.  Note: If the instructor says use light or medium weights, but youv’e never taken her class before and she’s only using light weights, do not try to be muscle bound rock star and use medium weights.  I would not be surprised if I wake up in the morning and my arms are gone.  Left me, for a woman who will not make them stand at attention for a solid half hour, weights in hand.

I’m already sore and it’s only been an hour since class ended.  Whoops!  You live you learn I guess.



Kashi Go Lean Waffles
Organic Maple Syrup



Roast Chicken Breast (w/skin-oh my!)
Brown rice w/peas



Udon Noodle Soup w/Bok Choy and Shrimp
I haven’t made this since last summer and I forgot how amazing it is!