I am declaring June 23rd the day of the egg.
It’s also my half birthday.  Okay, yeah, so people over the age of five don’t usually count their half-birthdays but I’m narcissistic like that. And, well, I think after today it officially means I’m almost 27.  Doesn’t 27 seem like an age where you should be all sorts of established and on your game?  I have never felt less established.  I was more established at 25.  In fact twenty-five was a pretty good year.  I think I’d like to move backward if that’s at all possible.  So, since today is my half way mark between 26 and 27, I’m going to choose to regress in age.  In six months time I will be 25 again.  Yeah.  It’s official.  I have decided and since I’m queen of my universe that makes it true.

So, I ate a lot of eggs today.  I didn’t mean to, but I was craving eggs this morning so made myself a scrumdidlyumptious egg sandwich before I left the house to go over my aunts to help her with some household stuff.  She’s a chef, and not to brag or anything, but she’s worked at some of New Yorks top restaurants and hotels, yeah, I’m kind of proud of her.  Having said that, I am always eager for some good ole fashioned fancy-schmancy home cooking when I go over.  She made omelets.  They were really good.  Consider my protein stores replenished.

For dinner, I ate something never before seen on The Kim Challenge: Frozen Pizza.  I don’t really eat pizza very often.  It’s just not one of those foods that I get a Jones for…ever.  I picked up an organic frozen pizza at Whole Foods last week and umm…it was amazing.  If you’re looking for a quality frozen pizza I totally recommend Frontera Roasted Tomato Four Cheese & Cilantro Pizza.  It rocked my world, and like I said, I don’t particularly care for pizza normally.


Breakfast 6.23 001

Whole grain English muffin, 2 slices American Cheese, Tomato & Egg


Breakfast 6.23 002

Egg White omelet w/lite Havarti cheese, spinach and mushrooms
Salad w/unidentified dressing


Breakfast 6.23 003

1/2 Frontera Frozen Pizza
Salad w/lite vinaigrette