I have a confession: I haven’t worked out at all this week.  Ever since my BBQ this weekend my body has felt a bit off.  My stomach most specifically.  I hope I get my shit together (no pun intended) soon, because I’m planning on taking a two-hour spin/strength training combo class tomorrow night.  I think I have a touch of food poisoning.

What I did do while no working out was make bread!  Whole wheat bread.  Tonight, I took a challah baking class (I’m a sucker for free learning opportunities) and ended up making three challahs: Mo, Larry and Curly.


Left: Chocolate Chip Braided Challah-Whole Wheat
Middle: White and Whole Wheat Break-apart Challah (there are chocolate chips rolled into the balls)
Right: Seseme Whole Wheat

I’ll have more pictures a review of the class and some challah recipes on Forkful of News tomorrow.

The rest of the day was less than eventful.  It’s rained the entire month of June here and I’ve given up on leaving my apartment.  I prefer instead to give my ass ample time to accurately mold into the shape of my right couch cushion.  You don’t want to rush these things.  It takes time to get it just right.

Here’s the food:



3-egg white omelet w/2 slices American cheese
Whole grain bread



Left over sushi from last night
And I wonder why my stomach hurts.  Sigh.



Low fat peach yogurt



Tuna wrap
Class was catered, I’ve learned from past experience that the tuna is the most edible of the offered wraps.

If I could do today over I would eat more vegetables.  I miss vegetation.