Well if anyone was interested in a review of my ballet on a trampoline class, voila a review of Shen Tao.

Tonight the adventures on the trampoline continued as I took an urban rebounding class at my gym.  The schedule said it was an hour, but we were out of there in 40-minutes.  I felt gypped.  It was intense while we were doing it, but over way too soon.  I felt like I should have brought an iPod so I could have run a bit.   Sigh, unfulfilling classes are the worst.  I feel like if I’m going to go to a class at the gym I want my ass kicked across the floor and back.

Breakfast 6.10.09


Low fat banana bread
Coffee w/stevia and milk

Lunch 6.10.09


Multi grain Engllish muffn, Veggie burger, Pepper Jack cheese
Baby carrots and hummus
Orange juice

Dinner 6.10.09


Salad w/lettuce, tomato, cucumber, dried cranberries, walnuts, grilled chicken breast
Balsamic vinegar & olive oil