Okay, I’ve never been one of those girls that neeeeeeds a boyfriend, I like having them, if they’re worth being had, but I’m generally also content to be single and hang out with my friends and unabashedly watch stupid amounts of Jon & Kate Plus 8 without anyone to making fun of me.  But, today I realized I need a boyfriend, at least for the summer.  Why?  Because mowing the lawn is really hard!

Okay, yeah, fine I’m perpetuating gender stereotypes, but there are certainly female stereotypes I am fine with taking on.  Lawn mowing, however, is one I would like to give the boys.  The trick here is that I have a small but lush backyard attached to my tiny apartment and only a manual (meaning non-electric) lawn mower.  I happen to have let it get a bit too long, the grass that is, mainly because I used to have a male roommate and the backyard was his domain and I never knew where the lawn stuff was.  Well, this weekend I’m throwing a party and realized I needed to do some maintenance.  I mowed a bit yesterday, but having just come from a three-hour cracked-out-ballet class and no sleep, I just wasn’t strong enough to do it. The lesson I learned today is that manual lawn mowing is a calorie torcher!

I mowed and raked and backed and cut by hand for a little over an hour and according to the fitness counter at Daily Plate, I burned 408 calories.  I certainly was sweating, and I even started working a lunge routine into my pushes just to keep things interesting.  Needless to say that was my workout.

So, if you know of anyone who would be willing to be my lawn mowing bitch…err, I mean boyfriend that would be great, thanks.

Here’s the food: 

Breakfast 6.9.09


2 eggs
2 slices whole grain toast
orange juice

Lunch 6.9.09


Peach Sorbet (I wasn’t all that hungry)

Dinner  6.9.09


I had class tonight with catered dinner:
Chicken breast
String beans