I was reading HuffPo, as I do from time to time, when I came across a title that struck my fancy: It’s Cool To Be Healthy Again.  The title pretty much sums up what the articles says, so you can read it or not read it, but you’ll basically come to the same conclusion. 

I wonder, however, was it ever “uncool” to be healthy? Was there a time in life when I looked at someone eating a turkey sandwich and said to myself “puh-leez, I would never be caught dead eating  roast turkey breast on whole wheat with mustard.”  I’m thinking no, actually I have caught myself on occasion being jealous of friends embarking on diets.  Why is that?  

It must have something to do with the hope and promise each new diet holds within it’s grasps before the guilt sets in and the choice between the gym and happy hour starts weighing heavily on our minds. Or perhaps it’s the seeming self-control of the dieter in question who so brazenly passes on the bread basket.

Diets, are something I have given up on.  I eat less sometimes, more sometimes, exercise an hour or two more when my weight starts creeping up again (as I’m currently trying to counter), but no more do I feel any particular need to find the diet that will fix me.  I am not broken, I just like food.

At the end of the day, a milkshake is just a milkshake and a carrot is just a carrot.  Neither mean you any harm, neither have a vendetta against your thighs, they’re just things…they’re just food.  I may hate Rachael Ray, but I do like one thing that she says “I don’t associate food with guilt.”

All of this is completely true, yet when a friend utters those four little words to me, I get this twinge of jealousy, of comparison.  When did a diet become something to aspire to?  When did dieting become something that gets a gold star?  Deep down inside I sort of believe that diets make people fatter than they were to start out with, it’s not the food, it’s the guilt.  I was recently comparing dieting and budgeting to a friend who had spent a lot of money in one night, “budgeting is like dieting, you can only deprive yourself for so long, until you just can’t anymore.”  

Depriving ourselves is not normal, and deep down in my soul the word diet, makes me panic.  All of a sudden foods I had previously no interest in eating pop into mind (all. the. time.), “What if I never get the chance to eat an entire salami again.”  Why in gods name would I want to eat an entire salami, I wouldn’t, but just the word diet makes me feel like I do.  So, why do I randomly have pangs of longing for this prescribed insanity?

Who knows, but as things stand now, I’m still not dieting, I’m just eating food, because that’s all it is…food.  It has always been cool to be healthy, but let’s remember that healthy includes more than the number on our pants.