Happy Saturday morning Challengers!  I was all sorts of lazy and bed-ridden yesterday so I didn’t updated my blog.  I’m feeling moderately better, not 100% but not like I need to spend all day watching Netflix and taking Nyquil shots.  I’m going to try and hit up the gym today for a spin class.  I may not go all out, but getting my body moving again is a priority.  Later, I have dinner plans with some friends-they even offered to come to Brooklyn (that’s true friendship, people don’t just offer to come to a burough from Manhattan, usually they have to be forced begging and screaming.)

I also have some class work to do, so I’ll split my fine Saturday between being responsible and being alive, I feel like that seems like a fair compromise. 

Katrina: Thanks so much for you comment yesterday, I responded to you in the comments 😉

Here’s the Friday food recap-I’ll see you all again on Monday.

Breakfast 6.5.09


Toast w/ Pepper jack cheese melted and and a poached egg
Echinacea Tea

Side note: I’m so disappointed!  I bought this beautiful loaf of 7-grain bread from a bakery.  A bakery!  While I was taking a slice out of my freezer to toast up for breakfast I noticed that their was an ingredients list on the bag, and what was ingredient #2: High Fructose Corn Syrup!  UGHHHHH.  That makes me so angry.  I expect there to be HFCS in food mass produced by evil conglomerates, but not local bakeries.  I feel a bit defeated.

Lunch 6.5.09


Whole wheat spaghetti w/spinach, asparagus, shrimp and grated cheese.

You know my food stores are dwindling when the spaghetti comes out mixed with frozen veggies.

Dinner 6.5.09


Wonton Soup


Steamed chicken and broccoli from my local Chinese restaurant.  I always order the sauce on the side and ladle a couple of tablespoons on, instead of having it drenched in sauce.  3/4 c. of white rice.

Baking because I was bored


I made a low fat banana bread.  I’d share the recipe but it wasn’t that awesome, apparently things taste better with fat.


Banana bread and tea before bed 🙂