Ugh, I’m sickalicious.  There’s something almost indulgent about spending an entire day in bed (as I did yesterday) except of course the actually feeling like crap part.  I did leave my PJs because I had dinner plans.  Plans that I utilized to quench my steak craving, then back to bed with me.  I think today will be another bed ridden day.  Luckily I work from home, so I won’t be a complete waste of space.

I didn’t workout yesterday, but depending on how I feel later tonight may hit a spin class-or not.

Breakfast 6.4.09


Multi grain English muffin w/poached eggs
Coffee w/milk and stevia

Lunch 6.4.09


Udon noodle soup w/shrimp

Dinner 6.4.09


French Onion Soup


Hanger steak and pomme frits (I didn’t eat all of it)

Calorie Count: 1,493 (hmmm, that seems low to me)
Calories Burned: zero