I got home very late last night and didn’t have the energy to do my eating recap then.  I was supposed to get up and go to this three-hour yoga-esque class, to review, but I woke up with Swine Flu (not really, but still feeling pretty craptastic) and decided it may be wiser to spend the rest of the day in bed as opposed to spandex. Sigh.

Last night I went to see Our Town off-Broadway.  I thought it was a really well done production, although I think it started out amazingly strong and got gradually less awesome at the end. I did really enjoy it though and afterwards had some tapas and sangria. 

Breakfast 6.3.09


Kashi Go Lean Waffles w/strawberries and organic syrup
Coffee w/Stevia and %1 milk

Lunch 6.3.09


Veggie burger w/2 slices pepper jack cheese on whole grain English muffin
Garden salad w/low fat honey dijon dressing (organic)

Snack 6.3.09


Whole grain bread (I got straight from the bakery!) toasted w/ 1% cottage cheese and pepper

Dinner 6.3.09


Tapas (sorry for the picture the lighting was off)
There was a pulled pork empanada, fingerling potatoes, some shrimp and asparagus
Sangria (unpictured)


Calorie Count: 1,666
Calories Burned: 331-Dance off the inches: Ballroom DVD