Dance off the Inches Ballroom

I haven’t had a ton of luck with Ballroom dance based workouts.  Usually, they’re kind of lame.  Case in point: Dancing with the Stars-Cardio Dance, let’s just say it was underwhelming to say the least.  After countless craptastic adventures in Ballroom Dance DVDs I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to pop in Dance off the Inches: Dance it off Ballroom. But, I did it, and surprisingly I liked it…a lot.

The thing that really sets the Dance Off the Inches serious from other dance workouts is that they spend a significant amount of time teaching you the steps in a separate step guide.  In this case the step guide was 20-minutes of just footwork.  By the time you’re ready to actually do the workout it’s fast moving, but you’re comfortable and you’ll actually burn some calories.  The instructor, Kristina Milova, is really good.  She’s thorough in the step guide and really good at cuing the actual dance routines.  In 40-minutes I felt like a Samba, Cha-Cha, and Jive rock star. Not to mention, I was dripping (which could be the workout or could be the fact that I haven’t hooked up my air-conditioner yet), and had burned 331 calories according to my heart rate monitor.

I have a ridiculous Exercise DVD collection, somewhere in the hundreds at this point, but this one is going at the front of my rotation.  This is a good cardio stand-by for days I can’t get to the gym and don’t want to venture into the great outdoors-and it’s kinda fun and all that hip rolling makes me feel hot.  

Non-committal types can rent it on Netflix or preview it on Collage Video.