I feel like I finally have some semblance of a schedule.  Forkful of News (my other foodie blog) finally has an editorial calendar, and a schedule for all the contributors, so if you read it, know now that there’s new content every weekday!  I actually got back on the DVD reviewing horse at Social Workout, and well CBS is CBS and it’s a constant battle, but I’m pumping out at least four blogs a day there, which is less than 6-10 which is my goal, but enough to make me feel like I’m not a waste of space.  

Of course, there’s still the book that I’m working on which takes up time, and I just designed a new blog to support the book.  I’ll announce it once it’s got some legitimate content up-those two projects may set me over the responsibility edge, but for now I feel like my workload is coming together.  It’s only taken 6-months but freelancing is starting to seem almost do-able.

Today, I need to hit the gym for a run, then head to my nutritionist.  Afterward, I’m having dinner with some guy I went to high school with.  He facebook’d me and said he’d be in town and asked if I wanted to grab dinner.  We weren’t really friends in high school, in fact, he recently told me at one point I called him a fascist dictator in front of the whole school (that sounds like something I’d say at 16), so I’m not really sure what this is about, but I sort of felt like I couldn’t say no.  After dinner I head out to Long Island.  Tomorrow I’m celebrating a belated Mother’s Day with my mom.  I know it was weeks ago, but I ended up bailing on her that Sunday because I was out to all hours of the night drinking and flirting and being irresponsible-so now it’s time to make it up to her.  Friday, I have a sleepover with my girls (I think), Saturday is my Book Club and we’re getting Indian food and discussing The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie, then Sunday I head back to the city to have an all day Brunch with a friend who just graduated from law school.  I’m not quite sure how I’m going to make all of this healthy-ish, but I’ll do my darndest to try.  And, I’ll bring sneakers so I can run as much as possible between gorging.

Yesterday I wasn’t so great with pictures, so here’s yesterdays recap and today’s breakfast: 

Snack  5.26


Whole grain toast with 1% cottage cheese and tomato

Lunch 5.26


Turkey Chili over white rice, Crystal Lite orange drinky-stuff

Dinner 5.26


My Tuesday night class has a catered dinner involved: 
Pita, hummus, barley, salad, chicken

Breakfast 5.27


Newman’s Own Just Sweet Enough Bran Flakes w/banana and 1% milk