Total Body Lift

Did I miss the memo, is ballet the new bootcamp? Lately every new class and DVD I try out has some hint of ballet in it and Kathy Smith’s new DVD Total Body Sculpt is trendtastic in that sense; ballet done threw-up all over this video…in a good way.

This is a tight video.  Sixty minutes of mild weight work and isolation based exercises with a hint of plies and arabesques thrown in for good measure. This is one of those choose your own adventure DVDs; the workout is broken down into five  12-minute sections: warm-up, upper body-lift, leg lifts, butt lifts (which are pretty similar to the leg lift portion of the evening), and tummy lifts.  The only section that requires weights is the upper-body section, and even then she only uses 2 lb weights.  I like the workout, but I might up the weights to at least 5lbs in the future. I still felt the burn in the moment, but my arms definitely weren’t sore the next day. 

My ass on the other hand…that was sore.  Oh, Kathy, why do you torture me like this?  No, seriously, the lower body section was a little like torture, but in that “oh, yeah, bring it” way that makes me feel haughty and superior as I stand alone in spandex in my living room.

I have to admit that there’s something about old school fitness gurus that reads porn star  to me.  Perhaps it’s the way they tease their hair a little higher, or the way they sort of moan/shriek out your rep count when you’re doing hip lifts-but yeah, seriously I kept imagining taking Kathy’s leadership skills into the bedroom.  “Higher, higher, to the left, now one two, three, yeah, that feels good.”  Hmmm, maybe I’m just sexually depraved, but for  57 (according to Wikipedia) Kathy Smith looks goo-ood.  She does however get winded and let her support team do most of the strength training moves.  She even does the beginner modifications at certain points which struck me as a bit odd-you’re the instructor-give me something to aspire too!

 I was sort of resistant to like this one, mainly because I guess I see Kathy Smith as a guru for my mother and her lady friends, and assumed the workout would be too easy for a gym bunny such as myself-especially since it’s tagline is “Sculpt a Leaner, Younger Looking You!” I’ll admit it when I’m wrong and I have to give props where props are due-it’s a good strength training workout.  

To view before buying check out the preview at Collage Video, or rent this bad boy on Netflix…you know, for all you non-committal types.