Well folks, this is my last post before I head out to Vegas for three days for a female-family-fiesta!  My mom, aunt and I are heading to sin city and I really hope there’s no sinning involved…that could scar me.  I’m old hat at Vegas, this will be my fifth trip, and I have another trip in the works for August with a friend.  Every time I tell people that I love Vegas, they say that they never would have guessed that about me.  People, I’m a girl that goes to Hooters on a regular basis, what about me doesn’t read I like pressing buttons and giving away my hard earned cash?  Honestly, I’m pretty psyched about having a few days off from writing and I’m going to really try to let this be a rejuvenating vacation.  We’re staying at the Four Seasons resort, which is way shwankier than I’m used to…it’s good to have family to flip the bill!  I hear the resort has a phenomenal health club, so I’m bringing my sneakers and iPod, and will attempt to balance out my buffet-ing.  I promise that there will be photographic evidence of my gluttony for display on Friday.

Speaking of gluttony.  I met with my nutritionist today and we discussed how I’ve gained a few pounds in the last few months and they’re a little pre-occupying to me.  I guess I mention them a lot, so she asked me what I thought I should do to deal with them.  What came out of my mouth really surprised me.  I said “It’s not about food or diet, it’s about my life.  I’m feeling really unsettled lately.  I’m working all the time, but not feeling particularly fulfilled and I’m trying to find something to believe in.”  I had no idea I was so deep.  I think that’s actually true, I feel really out of control in my life right now-I’m definitely not the one pulling the strings and that totally spins me for a loop in all other aspects of my life.  I think a few days off will do me good, and perhaps help me prioritize a game plan to get back to a place where I feel like I’m in control and working toward a higher goal.

Enough philosophy, here’s my dinner, then I’m off to pack…

Dinner 5.18.09