I’m going to admit right here that I’ve only worked out a couple of times this week, which is highly unlike me.  I’ve been home for probably a collective 45-minutes all week and in preparation for my vacation next week I’ve felt an overwhelming need to get stuff done.  So, this may not be my most stellar of weeks in regard to fitness, but I refuse to feel guilty about it.  Life is about juggling priorities and at muscle tone is not my utmost priority this week.

Last night I did not have any margaritas, I stuck with diet coke, but I did eat my weights worth in pizza.  I only eat pizza once or twice a year, so I’m going to consider it stockpiling.  In reality my friends and I spent so much time at this restaurant (oh, lets say five hours) that we sort of felt beholden to eat all the food in front of us so that they wouldn’t clear the table and bring the check.  It was a good night though, and I’m a little bloated today from all the salt.  An acceptable trade off I suppose.

Today, I’m writing, till noon, then I have to interview a director of some local film festival, then I have to meet up with a friend, then another friend is hosting a dinner party.  Yeah, it’s one of those days.  It must be getting warm out.

Here’s the rundown from yesterday, and this morning:

Lunch 5.14.09


I was starving mid-errand running yesterday and started eyeing hot dog vendors, so I stopped in at a Subway for a slightly healthier lunch.  Slightly.

Turkey w/Mustard on Whole Wheat
Baked Chips
Diet Coke

Apparently my resolution to not drink soda this year is going really well.

Dinner 5.14.09


Shared Greek Salad


Personal Pizza-Yeah, I definitely ate the whole thing.

Today, I’m trying to go a bit lighter…

Breakfast 5.15.09


Whole grain toast w/peanut butter
1% Milk