Have I ever mentioned that I sing?  I sing, sometimes well, sometimes not so well, but I’ve been taking voice lessons since I was a wee little lass (or at least since middle school-when realistically I was my adult size).  I have this amazing voice teacher who was a diva at the Metropolitan Opera, among other places and she sort of thinks she’s a celebrity and leaves the house with sunglasses and hats and such.  She’s hilarious.  I love New York and all it’s characters. Well, I haven’t been to my voice teacher since last summer, it’s been a hectic time for me and every once and a while I get an email from her that says “when do I get to see you.”  That’s when I know I’m in trouble.  Today I am in trouble, but I’m going to see her at noon.  I’m totally afraid that I’m going to not even remember what it means to be “on key.”  This is all part of my May resolution to get back to my roots as an actor.  When writing became my main bread-winning venture all my acting training moved to the back burner, but if I’m seriously going to hit the audition scene again (btw, summer is the slowest audition time-great timing!) I need to devote some time (and money) to my training again.

Later today I have a meeting with my little group of friends that have dubbed ourselves SASI which stand for single acoholic society international.  Of course, when we started SASI, I wasn’t single but the other ladies were, now the rest of them are on the verge of getting married and I’m single.  The name remains though and SASI meetings are something I look forward to whole-heartedly.  Expect pictures of margarita’s later.

Oh, speaking of pictures, I took pictures yesterday, but it’s more embarrassing than anything else.  For brunch I had french toast with bananas and almonds and for Dinner I had beer.  I’m a frat boy.  I generally try to make good eating choices but I’m not perfect and sometimes beer constitutes a meal.  Hopefully today will be slightly  more responsible.

Kat: I think learning a langage when you’re not immersed in it is really hard.  Perhaps learning a new language is a good excuse to run away to a new part of the world for a little while.  I’ve always wanted to learn German-I’m totally impressed! 

Breakfast 5.14.09


Shredded wheat cereal with blackberries and 1% milk