My life list (the list of things I want to accomplish in this one little life of mine) has always included “learn another language.”  It’s always seemed so classfully intelligent to me that people can just slip back and forth between languages.  Here’s a strange  side note/statistic: Every guy I’ve ever dated for a significant period of time has been bilingual…and left handed.  Weird, I know, but there’s obviously something about it that attracts me.  Or perhaps in a more egotistical outlook, perhaps there’s something about me that attracts left-handed bilingual men. 

In an effort to do something solely for me and not for any other purpose than to amuse myself and feel all sorts of proud of me, I’ve started taking a language class (the language is yet to be revealed publicly, that way no one will come up to me and start quizzing me until I feel comfortable).  I took French in Middle and High School and loved it, but I was never A-M-A-Z-I-N-G at it.  I wanted to be.  I really wanted to be, and by the time I finally made my way to Paris I was proficient at it.  In the end though, languages do not come easily to me, they are something I actually have to study for, unlike my best friend who has a knack for languages that I have yet to see paralleled.  Seriously, if you were speaking Turkish in a cafe somewhere, I bet she would just pick it up.  So, I’m taking this class, of a language that is not French, and I’m trying really hard.I study on the subway, I study in cafes, I stand in my room saying the alphabet to myself in the mirror, but OMG, it’s really hard to learn a new language as an adult.  I’m doing okay and I’m determined to at least master basic phrases like “My dog wears a hat.”  That was my night.

My day was fairly more entertaining.  In a much welcomed surprise, my friend’s fiance stopped by the cafe we were working at and we all went to a local restaurant where I had a lovely salad.  In fact one that I had last summer at the very same cafe and have been fantasizing about since.  We sat and talked, and made a list of all the things that we want to do this summer  and it made me so happy that summer is almost here.  There’s something about sunshine and warm weather that makes everyday a little bit more hopeful.

Here’s the food:

Lunch 5.12.09


Salad w/shrimp and citrus fruit.  Delish!

Dinner 5.12.09


Leftover Lentils and rice w/low fat plain yogurt
1/2 avocado

Tomorrow I’ll be out and about all day, so I’ll do one big post in the evening when I get back.