Take your date to spin class day went well, luckily we did a recovery ride so it was on the easy side, I would have felt really bad had I killed this guy.  Now my tummy hurts-I had a cheese burger for lunch post spin/date and I don’t think my body was feelin’ the love.  I’ve been eating fairly “clean” the last week and I think my body was liking that change-oh well, you live you learn.  The date was good, he’s a nice guy.  I have another date to play pool tonight.  Busy girl.

In the meantime I’ve got to get started on my Mother’s Day posts for work where I’ll be writing about “Old School Workouts Your Mom Used to Do.”  Now I’m imagining my mom in spandex leg lifting with Jane Fonda.  Speaking of which, I need to start thinking about what to do with my mom come Sunday.  What are you guys doing to celebrate your moms, or if you are a mom-what do you hope your kids will do?

Here’s the food:



Smoothie made w/1c. low fat kefir, 1/2 cup frozen raspberries and 1/2 c. fresh strawberries


lunch 5.8

And now the meal that is laying like a ton of bricks in my stomach:
Bacon Cheeseburger a la local burger joint