‘Memba when I complainedabout my Larabar the other day?  Well, being all sorts of shocked and disappointed I also twittered the occasion.  Let me tell you Twitter is a powerful thing!  The director of consumer services for General Mills contacted me about it and is sending me coupons for more Larabars to make up for it!  I’m kind of speechless.  That’s some pretty amazing customer service if you ask me.

Okay, so I’m lame.  I’m generally a decently social person, but I’ve been going out a lot lately so I sort of made tonight a drive-by of events.  Seriously, go say “hi” to who I need to say hi to, then left.  I haven’t had a night in, in a while and honestly all I wanted to do was to wear pajamas and get to bed at a responsible hour.



Nonfat plain fro-yo w/kiwi and mandarin oranges



Salad (ehh, lettuce and tomato) w/balsamic vinegar & olive oil