I forgot to blog lunch yesterday.  I think I was waiting till I had dinner pictures but dinner never came.  I assumed I was going out for dinner, but dinner ended up being a glass of wine and by the time I got home sleep seemed more appetizing than food.  So, below you’ll find my lunner from yesterday.

Ahh, Thursday such a busy day.  I have to get my social butterfly on tonight with two parties I need to go to.  The first is a party at Crunch gym.  Crunch is the corporate sponsor of Social workout, one of the sites I write for.  SW just finished the first of their monthly fitness challenges, of which I was a judge, so prizes and non-virgin smoothies are on the docket for this evening.  Did I mention I have to wear 1970s-esque workout gear?  I’m not even sure what that consists of but I’m considering wearing a leotard,  a ballet skirt and legwarmers.

After that I have to head to a party for the company I interviewed with yesterday.  Which well, I’m still deciding about, they want me to do a marketing plan for them.  I’m always sort of sceptical about stuff like that as I sort of see it as a way to get all sorts of ideas without paying for them.  Of course I could totally be paranoid.  But at the end of the day, I am not a non-profit. 

Here’s the food:

Lunner 5.6.09


Salad w/lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken, dried cranberries, almonds, oil & balsamic vinegar
Chocolate soy milk

Breakfast 5.7.09


Shredded wheat w/strawberries and 1% milk

My mom just pointed out that my Twitter link doesn’t work, I’ll fix that.  I’m full of all sorts of whoopses lately.