Last week I was a rockstar about getting up early.  This week not so much, except for yesterday of course when my rolling-out of bed efforts were for naught.  I am gradually getting up earlier and earlier, but I’m thinking the reset of my circadian rhythms is taking a little longer than I’d originally thought.  Or of course I’m just being a giant baby and need to get up with the friggin’ alarm goes off-working from home is extremely demotivating in that sense.

Speaking of working from home, I have a job interview today.  Another position that would include working from home.  It’s just an interview and as far as I’m concerned it’s just as much an interview of me of them as it is them of me.  I’m not sure yet how I feel about the idea of this job but that’s what the interview is for!  

Anna & Aline: The soy thing has to do both with it being a processed food and it’s estrogen enhancing attributes.  Jillian says tofu in moderation is cool, because it’s natural but once you start getting to soy isoflavens you’re not talking about real food anymore.

Aline: I lived in Well two hours south of Amsterdam on the German border.  It was a tiny, but beautiful town that consisted of a bar, a post office, a bakery and a market.  I really loved it there.

Jenny: There are very few times in life that I wish I were a guy, but when dealing with hormonal changes and random bloating spells I can’t help but be a little jealous that they never have to deal with this stuff.  Good luck de-bloating.

Kud: Have you tried the Apple pie larabar-I thought that was pretty good (although very cinnamony)

Last night I had class, and they serve dinner there.  They had lasagna and salad.  I’ve never been much of a lasagna eater (or baked zitti, or pizza-I’m apparently strangely picky about my Italian food choices), so I stuck with salad-probably healthier that way anyway…

Dinner 5.5.09


Salad w/some random spicy dressing

Now on to today’s food:

Breakfast 5.6.09


I sort of impressed myself with this breakfast I have to say:
Breakfast burrito w/3-egg whites, 1 slice lite cheddar cheese, salsa and a 7 Grain Organic Wrap
Kiwi, blackberries and strawberries