First of all, I bought batteries tonight, so tomorrow my pictures will no longer look like scary diner photos of what food should look like.  Phew.

Secondly, I need your help.  I just came back from my writing class.  I may have mentioned once, twice or 3,167 that I’m working on a book proposal/book about making friends as an adult.  Well, tonight was platform night and the very obvious thing that’s been staring me in the face this whole friggin’ time is that my platform is food and health and body acceptance and regardless of how good I am at making friends, I’m better at obsessing over food.  I’ve really shied away from the idea of writing a memoir because, well frankly it’s really revealing. Yet tonight it became blatantly obvious  that perhaps my first book (meaning, the friendship book is definitely still on the table-and I’m still working on it regardless of what I decide) should really be about this crazy life I’ve created hosting a show about body image, and writing about health and fitness professionally, while all the while blogging the minutiae of my ingestion habits.   You may not know this but the title of Pretty Imperfect, before Pretty Imperfect was chosen was “Kim’s Not Fat”  I hated it-a lot.  Going off that, this was the working title I came up with on the train “I’m not fat: one girls mission to just eat a friggin’ sandwich.”

So, here’s my question to you, the people who read me…if all this silliness, and perhaps more of the back story behind my obsession with food, diet, and exercise  and my on-going quest to be normal in a skinny-obsessed world some how found themselves bound and on a bookshelf near you-would that be interesting?  Or, does the blog pretty much suffice?

Okay, one more scary food photo and tomorrow is bidness as usual:

Dinner 5.4.09


Salmon and Asparagus (Wow, that sound b-o-r-i-n-g.  And, it was.)

 Oh, and Jillian Michaels is making me hungry.  This whole no carbs after lunch and no eating after 9pm thing totally bites.  We’ll see how long this’ll last.