Yesterday I had to do some serious research into Cinco de Mayo for a writing assignment.  I learned something interesting: it’s not that big of a deal, at least not to Mexico.  I sometimes think that Americans make a big deal out of random holidays of other countries because we don’t know what else to do to show that we accept them.  So, Cinco de Mayo is not at all the Mexican Independence Day I’ve thought it was all these years, in fact it’s really only celebrated in the Peubla region of Mexico and it all has something to do with a battle being fought and one there against the French.  Who knew?

Actually, I should have suspected something of the sort as I grew up in a town with a significant Mexican population, but the majority of the people of Mexican descent there were from the same town in Mexico and I had never even heard of Cinco de Mayo until I moved to NYC.  I guess they weren’t from Peubla!

Regardless of it’s overblown importance at Corona distributing stores everywhere, it’s a reason to celebrate people and I’m a firm believer that all people should be celebrated so…HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!

Thanks for the input about bookiness.  I really appreciate your input.  I have a lot of thinking to do but I think this is a very strong possibility, but I need to do some serious thinking about what I want this to be.  Somehow a book that’s personal is more, err…personal and therefore it’s almost more important that it be really, really good.  In the meantime I’m still plugging away at the friendship book, and starting to work on a platform for myself as the premier friendship expert (umm, wow, that sounds so bizarre!). My mission for now is get to work starting a blog about friendship, which means shopping around for blog designers: know anyone?

Is it becoming more and more apparent that I’m addicted to responsibility?

Now that I’ve spewed all my knowledge of Cinco de Mayo and insecurity about my publishing future for the world to see, I’m just going to spew one more thing:

I’M REALLY MAD.  I got up at 5:30 to hit a 6am spin class followed by an abs class so I could get a start on my writing day early and meet up with a friend for lunch and what happened-the instructor was a no show!  Ugh, that really bugs me.  Mainly because it was a class and therefore I left my iPod at home which meant I couldn’t even run.  I mean I know technically I could have ran sans music, but I can’t, I just can’t.  So, I left.  Grrrrr.  This means I’ll have to re-0rganize my day to get in some exercise.  I’m thinking a late afternoon DVD before I head to class.  A terribly disappointing start to the day if I must say so.

Okay, here’s the food:

Breakfast 5.5.09


Part 1-Pre Gym
Chocolate soy milk & vitamins

Jillian Michaels says that you need to eat pre-workout or your body metabolizes muscle not fat like commonly thought.  I figure if I’m going to review her new book I need to actually test out her advice.  She also says no soy milk, but for the love of all that is good in the world, Jillian I haven’t bought groceries yet!


Part 2-Post Gym
Whole wheat English muffin w/egg and lite Cheddar slice
1/2 Grapefruit