Being trapped on a bus with a friend who spent the entire weekend coughing, sneezing and being a big sick monster is making me sort of paranoid.  I don’t feel sick yet, but one never knows.  Although, I am tired, of course that could have something to do with the fact that I don’t have any milk and am therefore coffeeless. 

I read Jillian Michaels’ new book Master Your Metabolism this weekend.  I’m going to review it for Social Workout  later in the week, but I must say I’m a bit disappointed.  The gist of the diet is: eat organic, eat three meals a day and one snack, don’t eat carbs at night, sleep 7-8 hours, exercise regularly and don’t take any medication.  I guess I expected more based on all the hype this book has been getting.  She (or her ghostwriter) does a good job of explaining what different hormones are and how they effect the body, but what I thought the book was going to be was very different than it was.  I had assumed it would be a guide to how different foods effect different hormone distribution within the body.  That fascinated me.  Mainly it was a manifesto against processed foods.  I agree with everything that was said, but it didn’t necessarily enlighten me to anything I didn’t already know or hadn’t read before.    That being said, I’m going to give the no carbs at night thing a shot and I have decided I’m going to nix the pill for a few months.  I’d sort of decided on the pill before reading the book but the timing worked out well.

Kat: Aww, I wish I could have met up with you.  I’ll give more warning before my next Boston trip, I’m sure I’ll end up there again at some point this summer. 🙂

Lunch 5.4.09


Let’s just say my phone doesn’t exactly take the best pictures.  I’ll get batteries tonight.
Asian Chicken Salad: Lettuce, mandarin oranges, fiber one cereal (instead of sesame sticks), almonds, grilled chicken, and Newman’s Own Lite Sesame Ginger salad dressing