This was yesterday’s food blog, which I thought I’d published but apparently just saved as a draft.  So, if you were longing to see what I ate on Thursday here’s your chance:

Okay, all the pictures you see below are wrong.  Well, except lunner from yesterday-I did have that salad.  I headed out to Long Island early this morning for a dentist appointment.  I figured I’d make myself a drinkable breakfast-but my smoothie didn’t taste good, so I only had the egg.  For lunch, once the Novocaine had started to wear off I made myself a sandwich, the picture below shows the whole sandwich, but I actually only ate half-splitting it with my mother.  Then, having trained it back to the city and feeling way too exhausted to cook I went to my favorite neighborhood Chinese restaurant and got some steamed chicken and broccoli but when I went to take a picture of it my camera died so my I’m subbing in an old picture of the same meal.  So yeah, here’s my totally off day:

Lunner from 4/29


Salad w/lettuce, tomato, walnuts, dried cranberries, hard boiled egg, avocado
oil & vinegar



hard boiled egg (nixed the smoothie)



1/2 BLT side of cauliflower



Steamed Chicken & Broccoli w/sauce on the side