Yesterday was 90 degrees, today is 60 degrees. The world is messing with me emotionally.

Thank you all for your kind words about cellulite.  I wanted to share with you all my very normal, yet still over the top, irrational thinking in the dressing room yesterday. Sometimes I think that I sound too Pollyanna  about body image and weight loss and loving the skin we’re in, so I thought it was important to share the totally crazy-irrational-I-should-know-better-but-I’m-still-human thoughts that go through my head every so often. Finding peace takes a lot of work, it’s not a switch we can flip, and sometimes all the work in the world can’t prevent minor melt downs.

I promise I’ll never stop eating; part of what I enjoy most about this blog is the accountability of it.  There have been times when I’m eating too little  or something totally disgusting and you guys have no qualms about setting me straight.  I love that.  And I love how totally awesome and real and grounded you all are. 

M: I really like your perspective.  Since you are a scientist I choose to believe your theory about cellulite saving lives 🙂

Rene: Sometimes I think you’re my bi-coastal doppelganger.

Jenny: I agree, knowing that even women that are “perfect” by societal standards fight the same battles as the rest of us is somehow comforting.  I’ve been listening to Jillian Michaels’ podcast all weekend and she mentions all the time that she has cellulite, and everytime she does I smile a little to myself.

Aline: If only I could date a gay man, they’re kind of perfect except for the being completely disinterested part.  But, it is true, sometimes the obliviousness of men is a truly wonderful thing.  Something tells me this cellulite didn’t show up yesterday morning, I’m sure it’s been there for a while, and I’m sure a man or two have seen me naked since then without ever thinking twice about it 🙂

Speaking of men, I was flipping through channels yesterday and landed on Tyra.  I could only stomach about 5 minutes of it, but in those five minutes a group of men and a “social-scientist” were talking about how men are attracted to women.  The “doctor”, said that one a man should always pay because in the animal world a male animal will hunt and bring a female animal something to eat so that he can have sex with her.  Those seem like totally new food issues to me.  But that’s not what pissed me off, what annoyed me was that he said that men are visual creatures (we already knew this) and that they’re more attracted to a woman’s body than her face.  Okay, so yeah, that pissed me off.  I get that the body is part of the package, but SO IS HER FACE!!!!  I felt like he was saying we all may as well walk around with a paper bag over our heads, because the only thing we’re being judged on is our body.  Grrr, shows like this just belittle both men and women.  I was so angry-so I flipped to the Food Network and learned how to make meringue.



Shredded wheat with banana and 1% milk