Today was definitely one of those days that I didn’t want to get out of bed.  As far as my plan of spin class goes; there was one at 6:30 followed by an abs class with an instructor I like, and there’s one at 12:30 with an instructor I find relatively mediocre.  Somehow I can rally in the morning to go to yoga (which I hate) but not spin (which I love).  Hmm, I’ve got some weird exercise psychology going on here.  So, yeah, I slept through the AM class.  Well, I woke up, made some mental excuse about my eye hurting (which I’m convinced it did) and went back to sleep.  That means a mid day class for me.

Rene: Creepy.  Maybe I’m your food stalker?

Here’s breakfast:



Smoothie w/1 cup 1% Kefir, 1 cup frozen fruit