Today was a long day.  A long, but successful day.  I did all the work I needed to do, I worked out twice (Bikram in the AM and a run and strength training in the afternoon), finished my homework, went to class and am now home drinking tea and blogging about it all.  I’m feeling pretty stellar about my time management skills.  I’m still battling my inability to sleep normal hours with the acknowledgement that I am much better able to handle my self-induced workload when I get up early (meaning before 6am).  Readjusting my circadian rhythms is no small feet.

Hannah: Sometimes I feel like I’m dishonest with ya’ll about my eating habits because I don’t blog on the weekends.  The majority of my indulgences happen on Saturday and/or Sunday.  I try to have at least one day a weekend that I don’t workout and don’t even think about health.  I’m trying to lose a few pounds that I’ve gained in the last couple of months so  my weekends will look pretty weekday-esque for a while, but for the most part I believe that eating is one of life’s truest pleasures.  I love healthy foods, but there are a lot of things I love that would horrify many a nutritionist.  It is all about balance.  I think each end of the eating spectrum only serves to enhance the other.

All that being said, I’m not sure I ate enough today.  Calorie count-wise I’m fine based on my DailyPlate analysis, but I burned about 800-900 calories today and probably could have replenished a bit.  My downfall was a late lunch, or lunner.  I didn’t want to eat a full meal before working out in the afternoon so chomped a couple of snacks while working, then post workout had lunch, then was off to class.  Now, it’s a bit late for an actual meal.  Perhaps a glass of milk pre-bed will be enough to hold me over till morning.



Apple Pie Lara Bar & Coffee


Hard boiled egg



Trader Joe’s Black bean and corn enchiladas
Salad w/oil & vinegar