I’m up, I’m yoga’d, I’m showered and fed. Oh, and I’m really hot.  The past few years, at least in New York, there has been absolutely no Spring.  We go from 40 degrees to 90 degrees.  Literally.  Last Monday it was 40 and yesterday it was 90.  It’s pure craziness.  My apartment is a wee bit on the warm side and I only have an air conditioner (and window) in my bedroom which makes me think it’s going to be a long summer of coffee shop working.

This weekend was good in terms of eating, and I made some creative meals and was tempted to blog them but refrained as I think I do need a couple of days a week sans food blogging-I try to keep from doing anything obsessively, even blog.  I even brought a diet coke with me to a party that was BYOB!  Summer generally means drinking all the time, that’s where my social life tends to find itself, so I’m on a mission to still enjoy the social atmosphere but curb my imbibing.  Since I’ve gained a few pounds lately I’m starting to focus on calories a bit more lately and easy calories to cut out are alcohol.  So yeah, I was teased once for “hitting the hard stuff” as I held on to my diet soda, but I ended the night probably 300-400 calories less than I would have had I been drinking beer (because once I have one, I’m way more likely to have another one and another one.)

Enough about beer, here’s breakfast:



Shredded wheat cereal w/banana and 1% milk