Ahh, there are times in life when being self-employed is awesome, like when I finally decide that putting on pants is a good idea sometime around 4pm.  Then there are other times, times when you have no boss to be like “uhh, wtf, what should I be doing right now?”  That’s sort of how today went.  I have a pretty hands-off editor I’ve never met somewhere, and I have a friend who is sort of overseeing my work, but not really, and for the last couple of months I’ve pretty much received zero guidance in regard to which direction to take my work.  I’m okay with that, but I tend to think a lack of quality control, leads to a lack of direction.  Today, there was all sorts of editorial drama in my life.  Stress-riddled emails, conference calls, a lot of me cursing at my computer and eventually a brand new protocol that was put into place.  Honestly, it’ll be more work, but so much better to have a system of checks and balances to be responsible to.  That being said, be grateful that you were not in my presence today because I was one evil be-yotch. 

Things settled down a bit right around the time that I left for a foodie-press event.  I’ve received some crazy shwag bags in my day, but a bag of pre-peeled hard boiled eggs has got to be the strangest shwag I’ve ever been lucky enough to get my greedy lil hands on.  I have to say just the absurdity of of life sometimes helps me put the drama that is inevitable in perspective.  In the end it’s just a day, a stressful day, a funny day, but a day, and I’ll have plenty more (knock on wood).

Here’s the food breakdown:


Ham and Lite Swiss on Whole Grain Bread

Press Dinner

Omelet Statioin

Omelet Station

Pastries, Fruit & Lox

Pastries, Fruit & Lox

Belini (I already drank some)

Bellini (I already drank some)

My omelet being made!

My omelet being made!

Omelet w/mushrooms, spinach, gruyere & asparagus.  Bacon, sausage, bread w/cream cheese and lox

Omelet w/mushrooms, spinach, Gruyere & asparagus. Bacon, sausage, bread w/cream cheese and lox