Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Here are ways in which I’m green:

I work from home and therefore have an itty-bitty carbon foot print.  When I do mobalize I use public transportation.
I try to buy locally grown food, which means eating in-season as much as possible.  This is much easier certain times a year of year than it is others.
I have a backyard, where plants grow (I don’t do the gardening, but I do the watering) which not only allows me tasty morsels, but also puts more oxygen out into the world.
I bring reusable shopping bags with me to the grocery store and/or bring a cart with me so that I don’t need paper or plastic bags.
I recycle everything I can. And buy recycled TP and paper towels.
I eat plants, lots of them.  Scientists have shown that if the average American eats 20% less meat it would have the same effect on the environment as everyone switching to hybrid vehicles.

Here are ways I could be more green:

 I leave the water running when I brush my teeth.
While I’ve switched over many of my bills to electronic versions, there are a few (mostly my household and therefore shared) bills that I still get in paper format.
I sleep with the air-conditioner on during the summer (and not the energy saver setting).
I buy bottles of water all the time.  I always say I’m going to carry one from home around with me but inevitably I end up at a deli forking over a buck for a bottle of water.

Obviously, I have some room for improvement in my greenness, and I am committed to making my life more healthy for the planet but I think some changes are slower coming than others.

I got up this morning and went to Bikram, again.  It was definitely less awful this time. I didn’t feel like vomiting or passing out the entire class like I did last time.  That may have been my body acclimating or it may have been because I strategically placed myself near the door where the temperature is a bit cooler (still crazy hot, but cooler).  It may also be because I ate a bit later last night.  I feel like I can’t workout effectively in the morning if I got to sleep on an empty stomach.  Now, I’m off to the salt mines of writing about Earth Day.  Somewhere in the middle of my day I’ll go for a run, then later tonight I’m meeting up with my mom and aunt for dinner.

In the last few days I’ve probably kept many chickens employed, and with the economy the way it is, chickens need job safety.  I’ve been eating a lot of eggs.  I’ve been eating a lot of protein lately.  I think part of that has come from the fact that the nutritionist I’ve been seeing and I have been talking about energy a bit, and how my ultimate goal in eating is to eat for optimal energy and she  discussed with me the importance of protein. 

I tried to make my omelet this morning like the guy lasts night did it, but it just ended up looking messy honestly.



3 Egg white omelet w/mushrooms, tomato and Swiss cheese
Whole wheat english muffin w/organic strawberry preserves